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Sugar Cum

What is Sugar Cum? Sugar Cum is a supplement that sweetens the bodys personal fluids. Simply take two capsules one hour before sexual activity. Our special formulation of extracts and your bodys pH levels work together to neutralize and improve the taste and smell of male and female secretions. The human body doesn't naturally produce sweet juices and unfortunately is a major factor in diminishing sexual activity in individuals lives.

Sugar Cum is an all-natural supplement and an affordable alternative that can keep you tasting good for your partner or paramour. Whether you have bitter tasting juices or want to spice up your oral sex experience, introducing Sugar Cum into your life is what youre looking for. Two capsules of Sugar Cum should be taken on a daily basis as part of your regular diet for maximum results.


About HIPleasures

HIPleasures is an adult sexual wellness and health company that creates high quality, all-natural products geared towards men, women and couples looking to make their sex lives more enjoyable and venture out within their sexual boundaries. Their goal is to become known as sex educators ] and create an open forum where consumers feel comfortable talking about their needs and desires, no matter their gender, race or sexual preferences.

Our first product is a secretion sweetener called Sugar Cum, aimed at making you and your partner taste sweeter and bringing your sexual satisfaction to new heights, a level of high pleasure, just like the name of the company says. Look for more products in their line to be introduced in the future, including toys. Keep up with all their products and the latest news by following them on Twitter at @HIPleasures and Instagram, and liking their company Facebook.

Brittani Feinberg is the CEO of HIPleasures, and it is her goal to become one of the young sex educators of her generation. She was always motivated by education growing up and traveled an interesting path to get where she is now. Dreaming of entering medical school and becoming a pediatrician, she began studying radiology at the tender age of 16 at Keiser University, where she attained her Associates Degree in Science.

While in school, she waitressed, but at 17 she walked out of her shift and into the world of exotic dancing using her older sisters ID. For the next three years, she danced, and delved deeper into a taboo fantasy world. At 22, she knew she wanted to further explore the adult world and opened her own shop—The House of Intoxicating Pleasures sold everything from glass pipes to kinky costumes to unique sex toys. Despite the shops success, Brittani decided she wanted to focus her attention on manufacturing her own line of products by creating her own brand, HIPleasures.


Research & Development

Sugar Cum is an all-natural pill used to invigorate anyone’s sexual experience. The ingredients are 100% all-natural, safe, and even nutritionally beneficial for you. Yes, that’s right, you could see a marked improvement in your health just from taking Sugar Cum. This unique product is unlike any other—it’s a sweetener that's not only for men, but also for women.

Wheatgrass is one of the key ingredients and has been considered by many to be one of the most robust healthy substances on earth. While there are thousands of health benefits from this plant, sexually it can skyrocket your energy levels beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Research has shown that Cinnamon is an herb found to have many health benefits. It can produce heat within the body and increase sexual stimulation through elevating blood circulation. Whether you’re man or a woman, this is a crucial factor in stimulating you sexually.

Everyone knows fruits are beneficial to good health, but the exact blend we use in Sugar Cum (pineapple, acai and papaya) will definitely give you the sweetest tasting secretion possible. Our proprietary blend compliments the 100% all-natural herbs and antioxidants that were used to develop our product, making it nutritionally and sexually stimulating.


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